My carpet looks brand new. Had lots of “dog”
stains and now you cannot see, and best of all smell them. The carpet looks and feels brand new again. After they did one room, they noticed a few spots that didn’t lift and went over a second time and there are no spots now. When they left the carpets were dry and I was able to put everything away right then.
Affordable – and well worth every penny.


They came over and cleaned our light colored carpets, which show every spill and mess we’ve ever made. The carpets were so bad it was embarrassing to have company over.

They are very nice people to deal with. They went to work right away and did exactly what they said they would do. It was an amazing job they did. An extra benefit was the carpets were dry. That was a real plus. We will definitely have “Green Kleen” over again.

~Chuck and Roberta G.

“Awesome service, very professional and did a fantastic job! Our carpet had lots of stains and they are gone!! Carpet is so clean and smelled so fresh! I will definitely use them again!!”
– Linda