Carpet is an important part of how people see your entire facility!

When your carpet is clean, everything else looks better!

Perhaps there’s no greater industry that needs its carpet to remain open and in-service 24 hours a day, seven days a week than the hospitality industry.  Which is why so many businesses such as hotels, casinos, restaurants, theaters, airports, etc., use the Dry Carpet Cleaning system to keep their carpets clean, and open to foot traffic.

Carpet downtime in the hospitality industry means lost revenue.  Why shut down large carpeted ballrooms, hotel rooms, corridors and lobbies and inconvenience customers to allow wet carpet to dry for 12 hours or more?It literally doesn’t make any sense. Since is a dry carpet cleaning system, carpet doesn’t get wet.  That means carpet is never taken out of service to allow for drying time.


Carpet is now the number one floor covering in most commercial settings. The advent of cubicles and workstations means that fabric can cover many businesses from floor to ceiling. It’s a big investment that needs to be protected.

With commercial carpet cleaning from Green Kleen, carpets stay cleaner longer and promote a healthier working and business environment for your customers and employees.